Real Life Stories

Scott Cairley

National Quality Manager

Scott is in his 2nd stint working for SCL, he realised the grass wasn’t greener on the other side!  Having been approached to work for a college Scott left SCL but was soon back once he realised what he most missed about being in SCL, which was being recognised, having his ideas heard right from the top, being able to walk into Lewis and Steve’s office and have a conversation with them rather than merely being a number.

Since returning to SCL, Scott joined as a Curriculum Manager with responsibility for managing a team of Lecturers across South West England and has recently had a promotion to National Quality Manager.  Scott is one of those people who goes the extra mile.  He cares about his team and all of the Learners within their team, he is passionate about nurturing the talent within his team and ensuring everyone reaches their full potential. 

Why is Scott holding a ball?

Because....one of the phrases the Management team adopted after an offsite Leadership day was "love the ball"  If you’ve got the ball you are working on it!  We want a team of people who driven and are shouting “pass the ball” to support their fellow team members and we want a team of people who are willing to “take the ball” if they are in the right place at the right time.  Scott loves the ball! He takes full ownership and responsibility for all of his team and the learners within the team,

We asked Scott: 

What are you most proud of since you have been working for SCL? 

Helping and supporting our Lecturers to be better teachers and then being able to see them perform so well when we have had OFSTED Inspections or Educational Partners have come in to carry our Observations. 

What is your favourite food? 

 That’s a tough one! I’d have to say Thai food. 

If you could take only two items with you to a deserted island what would they be? 

 My Ipod and something to cook with. 

What makes you mega happy? 

Spending time with my wife and daughter. 

If you could spend an evening with anyone, famous or not, who would it be? And where would you go? 

Tough question! I’m a huge Liverpool fan so a pub crawl with Jurgen Klopp would be just the ticket! 

What is the best thing about working for SCL? 

I love that we’re such a forward-thinking company and we never stand still! My role is nationwide, so I get the opportunity to visit academies up and down the country. I simply love visiting sports grounds and stadiums. It’s great being based in the field and having that variety in a job.


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