Real Life Stories

Becky Mole

FE Sports Lecturer

Becky joined SCL in 2007, working part-time as a Sports Coach at Holiday Clubs and After School Clubs, whilst studying at College and University. After graduating, Becky returned to SCL Kids as a full-time Sports Coach, working at a number of schools across the South East before leaving in 2015 to work and travel around Australia and New Zealand.  

Once back in the UK and with the travel bug out of her system, Becky returned to SCL in 2018 as Recruitment Manager for SCL Kids. After 2 successful years, Becky set her eyes on finally becoming a qualified teacher. SCL were happy to help her achieve this lifelong goal and enrolled her on her Level 3 TAQA straight away, shortly followed by the Level 5 Teaching and Skills Teacher qualification.  

At the start of the 2020, she progressed into a dual role with SCL Kids and SCL Education & Training and eventually into a full-time FE Sports Lecturer role at Woking FC Academy, where she is currently teaching and loving the role, despite all the curveballs the pandemic has thrown at her in her first-year teaching! 

We asked Becky:

What are you most proud of since working at SCL? 

Winning the Employee of the Quarter award as Recruitment Manager for SCL Kids or moving over to SCL Education & Training and taking over two cohorts of students for online lessons in the middle of a pandemic!  

What is your favourite food? 

Pizza, especially if it’s a good gluten free one which is very hard to find.  

If you could only take two items with you to a desert island, what would they be? 

Kindle and a solar charger. 

What makes you mega happy? 

Playing or coaching basketball.  

If you could spend an evening with anyone, famous or not, who would it be? And where would you go? 

The Queen at Buckingham Palace or Albus Dumbledore at Hogwarts. They are both equals in my eyes!  

What is the best thing about working for SCL? 

The team of people you work with. They all make every day fun and interesting, whether you are having a good day or a bad day. This has been true in SCL Kids and in SCL Education & Training. 

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