CV Tips

Once you have made the decision to seek new employment, your attention will inevitably turn to updating your CV. Here we give you some tips to ensure your CV earns its place on the ‘candidates’ pile.

Tip 1 – Check your grammar and spelling

In this day and age there is simply no excuse for poor spelling or bad grammar on your CV. It instantly gives employers a bad impression and sends signals that you’re lazy and have minimal attention to detail. Many employers will stop reading a CV if they come across a spelling mistake, regardless of the content. Spellcheck is available on all computers - USE IT!!


Tip 2 – Honesty is the best policy

Make sure that you tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Any half truths (or out and out lies) will be uncovered eventually, whether it be at interview or during your first few weeks of employment. The truth will always out!


Tip 3 – Achievements, not duties

Remember, this is an advert for you, not a job description of positions that you have previously held. Sell yourself and your achievements as an individual.


Tip 4 – Appearances matter

Make sure your finished CV looks good and is easy to read. Avoid long paragraphs and instead use bullet points to make it easier for potential employers to scan through for key points. Choose one font and stick to it. Aim for no more than 2 pages in length, and make sure you tailor your previous work experience to the job you are applying for, for example, if you are applying for a role in the accounts department, then the Saturday job in the hairdressers you had 10 years ago probably isn’t relevant.


Tip 5 – Confidence

If your winning CV secures you an interview, make sure you are familiar with its content and can talk confidently about all aspects of it in depth. If there is a particular job or skill which you would prefer to gloss over, you can bet your bottom dollar that that is what the interviewer will focus on! If you can’t talk about it confidently, leave it out.

Remember, your CV will get you the interview, not the job. First impressions count, so make it professional, positive and focused and an invitation to interview is sure to follow.

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